Our Story

 Eva started Colour With Me to teach children problem solving and communication skills through story-telling and art. 

Together, with their experiences and backgrounds they teamed up to create a whole new membership to provide a new type of education to children that is not only filled with fun and engaging stories; but also filled with opportunity to learn how to problem solve, think critically and be creative.  These are all skill sets that can be applied in different areas of our life.

At Think With Art, we believe in nurturing children’s creativity and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through fun and engaging art projects. It’s important for these skills to develop at a young age, so that by the time they reach adolescence, they’ll be well equipped to solve day-to-day problems. Another term to describe this process is called “Design Thinking”. With a design thinking mindset, children can learn how to approach problems with a structured process.

Through Think With Art, children learn through storytelling, sketching, and communicating their ideas through their creations. They will learn various art techniques and discover a wide range of art mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastels, and more. All while creating something that they can be proud of!

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